A Fun Spring-y Cocktail



I love blood oranges.  I love that purple color.  It’s just so much different than any other fruit juice.  I had a few friends over and I made this cocktail with blood oranges, lime, sparkling wine, and Old Grandad.  It’s super easy and you can make the cocktails in a pitcher because they go quick!!


Here’s what you need:

Six blood oranges

Two limes

1/2 cup sugar

Sprigs of thyme

1 bottle of sparkling wine

Half of a small bottle of Old Granddad


Juice six blood oranges, add to the pitcher.  Juice two limes, pour into a sauce pan, add sugar and sprigs of thyme, cook until the sugar dissolves.  When it’s cool, add to the pitcher.  Add the sparkling wine to the pitcher and add the half of a bottle of Old Granddad.

A nice touch is to make ice cubes with some extra blood orange juice.  You can serve the drink with the sprigs of thyme.  

It’s everything I like in a cocktail.  Potent and delicious.  🙂